“Here is Life, and it is here to show us what we are capable of. How we open up to the flow can be tricky, it can be polluted with the personal’s fears and apprehensions. To cooperate with the flow is to become the flow itself, and that is where we are heading as a new species of awakened humanity. This is my passion, and this is why I am offering this teaching, in Love.”
- Joi

Joi is available for private sessions by phone or in person.
Sessions may last up to 1 ½ hours depending. You are invited to spend some time in silence before a session, knowing that the truth will take care of the words that want to be spoken.

“The Grace Project” – Joi was interviewed by Jacelyn Bonte, May 2015
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Rick Archer interviewed Joi in July of 2011 on his “Buddha at the Gas Pump” show.
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